Saturday, 10 December 2016

Choosing the perfect Real Christmas Tree

We always have real Christmas trees at home, for me there's nothing better. You can't beat the smell of the pine and the natural look and shape of a real tree.  There's also environmental benefits to a real tree  and I have this argument time and time again, but they are grown as a crop, like any other crop.  I think people somehow think it's bad to go around chopping down trees, but the fact is they are grown specifically for this purpose - just like any other plant crop, and if everyone suddenly stopped buying real ones, there'd be considerably less trees grown on our planet!

We spotted the tree in the photo earlier in the year, in fact it way May!  Hidden deep in the forest, we were astounded that someone must have walked for miles carrying all those decorations to dress a tree that practically nobody would see.  It felt magical, and I still don't know the story behind it, I guess we'll never know!

There are of course pros and cons to having a real tree inside your home, and everyone's needs and desires are different so the Forestry Commission have come up with this handy guide to choosing the right one for your home.

All of the christmas trees sold at the Forestry Commission sites are 'Santa Approved' and with each purchase you get your own living mini sapling to take home, meaning you can grow your very own tree in your garden.  Many sites are also holding festive events too, from Golden Pine Cone hunts, to arts and craft sessions, and of course, Santa's Grotto.  Check out what's happening near you.


  1. Thanks for providing the infographic, i am always wandering what the difference is between Christmas trees. I love that the forestry commission are giving away a mini sappling too.

  2. I would love to go back to a real tree, but the last time we had one we ended up with a MASSIVE vets bill as one of the cats got a pine needle in their paw and it got infected!

  3. I've never had a real tree but it's interesting to see what different kind there are. I would probably go for a real tree if I didn't have my cats.

  4. I love real trees but couldn't face the hoovering this year ;) Maybe we'll try again next time!

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